Monday, August 16, 2010

Handmade Flowers Make Me Happy!

Hey Everybody!

Before I start this session can you please sing the title of this blog to the tune of tiny bubbles... OK, now it makes sense. I am about to set up my sewing machine that I got for Christmas-yes I said Christmas-busy year maybe? So, the first thing that I want to make are handmade flowers. I think that handmade flowers are the sweetest little details that you can put on ANYTHING! I tried to incorporate a lot of uses for these handmade delights through the inspiration board I created. (Click on it for a larger view). Fabric flowers can dress up an old shabby armchair, paper flowers can be used instead of fresh for a unique bouquet. Of course, adding them to jewelry is a major trend right now and I always have to suggest ideas for parties (check out the little favor boxes). I will keep you posted on my own handmade flowers as soon as I get my Project Runway Limited Edition, Brother sewing machine set-up and ready to go:) Did I mention that it had a gold lamay jacket on the front of the sewing machine box :(- Hilarious, but no thanks, I'll stick to the flowers!!!

Happy Planning~Shanna

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