Friday, April 30, 2010

Vintage Wedding Ideas

Hey People!
Because the majority of my wedding was a “do-it-yourself”, I like to encourage brides to save money where they can, while also adding personal touches that will make their wedding special. Including vintage pieces, either acquired from family members or picked up along your travels, can create great STAND OUT details for your wedding. A cute idea that I wanted to share is also a money-saving idea for serving dishes. Ask a family member to host a table at your wedding! This duty also includes them bringing their wedding china and using it on their table. It is such a neat way to include family members in your wedding festivities. You can use uniform linens and centerpieces to create continuity, but if your wedding is too “coordinated” for this idea, remember it as a suggestion for your rehearsal dinner or a bridal shower. I can’t let this post end without suggesting the ever special notion of wearing your mother’s wedding dress. If not the dress, maybe some jewelry, if not the jewelry then possibly a handkerchief. Ask your family and your soon-to-be husband’s side of the family for pieces that can make your wedding unique and beautiful for the both of you. I bet you’ll be surprised at what you find!
Happy Planning- Shanna

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  1. Do you have more pictures? This is beautiful!