Friday, May 13, 2011

Leather Luv!

Hello Everyone!
Just thought I would send out a little bit of inspiration for this Fantastic Friday!  So, I myself was inspired by the ruffled skirt and leather boots pic (imagine that...), and I thought I would create a quick inspiration board for adding leather accents into your wedding day, special event, life~whatever.  I love the look, texture and smell of leather and when mixed with the appropriate items, it doesn't always have to be so rustic.  Maybe the next time you are contemplating a special gift for someone or a unique accent for a party~you may consider using leather to spice things up a bit!  Have a fantastic weekend:)
Happy Planning~

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring Has Sprung: Personal Post

Howdy Friends!
Spring has finally arrived and I'm out of the house and on the move!  There are so many exciting projects and trips on the horizon, and I am getting very excited about them all!  Spring is like a re-birth to me every year and I seem to want to cram everything I can into these few short weeks (because it gets hot in K-town in NO TIME).  So here are a few little tidbits of what I've been up to in the past couple weeks and I'll keep you posted on much more as the adventures unfold!
Happy Planning~

OK~First, my husband and I (and Ray-Ray) went to Lafayette, TN to visit my beautiful and talented friend Christy who puts on a fantastic barn sale twice a year in her own backyard!  She collaborates with local artists in her area of Macon County and displays/sells some of the cutest stuff that you can get your hands on!  Below are a couple of examples of how she showcases her goods!  Soooo fantastic!
Awesome reupholstered couch and beautiful gray chest.  The chest came back with us to Knoxville!@!@

Our loot, on top of the gray chest in my garage:)  We bought jewelry, candles, fabrics and even some beer bread!  SCORE!!!
Next up is my handsome husband Corey and I at my studio's Quatro de Mayo Party!
Some of my bestest friends stopped by!


So, last but certainly not least...the garden and patio are ready at my house.  My good friend Pearl reupholstered some pillows for me in a beautiful Waverly outdoor fabric and also a geometric print inspired by my love for quatrefoil!

Close ups of the new fabrics.
Ruby especially loves it all and she will help me post some more pics when the flowers really bloom! 
Happy Spring Everybody!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bridal Bouquet Heirlooms

Hello Everyone!

As we all know, the flowers at a wedding are the most important decorative element that you can have. They bring a softness to the ceremony and introduce color and liveliness to the reception. The presence of flowers in your big day are a must, but the next day they are wilted and gone. Unfortunately, it just goes with the territory and with wonderful organizations like Random Acts of Flowers, you can know that your blooms will have a good home when the day is done. But, what about you, the bride, and your bouquet? Yes, there are some fantastic ways of preserving fresh flowers, but I want to give you a few more options for making your bridal bouquet a real keepsake that will last forever! By introducing brooches, fabric, paper and other elements into your wedding design, a nontraditional bouquet will lend well with your aesthetic. Remember if you do decide to go with an all feather bouquet, or all paper bouquet, be sure to add touches of whatever element that you choose into the bridesmaids bouquets as well, to create a cohesive look. Enjoy!

Happy Planning~