Thursday, March 28, 2013

Guest Post: Michelle Pino~Signature Drinks!

Hello Ruffles & Rouge Friends!
I received a sweet email from a gal who loves event planning, entertaining, and all the fun things that go along with it!  Her name is Michelle Pino and she is looking to start a blog of her own.  So in good practice, here is a guest blog post from her~and she was even nice enough to share a yummy "Signature Drink Recipe".  Thanks Michelle!
Hope you all enjoy.
Happy Planning!

Signature Cocktails Add A Splash Of Festivity

Creativity and personal expression are two of the best benefits of featuring signature cocktails at weddings or special events. Every bride and groom can feel free to express their unique one-of-a-kind personality by thoughtfully choosing a special signature drink that perfectly characterizes them. Fun and flirty, frivolous and free-thinking or serious and studious are all personalities that can be expressed through the creation of special, festive signature drinks.

Brides and grooms do not have to be limited to one signature drink either. There can be two drinks featured, one specially created for each of them. One big benefit of serving a signature drink, with or without choices of beer and wine, is the savings seen by purchasing larger quantities of alcohol. It offers a great option in lieu of having an open bar, which is more expensive. It's always most thoughtful to include a variety of soft drinks for non-drinkers, children and others who simply prefer non-alcoholic choices.

Color themes of the wedding itself can be a basis for drink choices, both alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic ones. A delightful raspberry or other flavored iced tea is wonderfully refreshing and can be made in a variety of special, custom crafted flavors. The theme of the alcoholic drinks can be carried over to the "mock-tails" as well by using decorative elements like tiny umbrella's, creatively designed fruit garnishes and colored sugars on the rims of glasses.

I attended a gorgeous wedding at the Turning Stone Resort Central New York wedding venue.  Where they served a signature drink chosen by the bride.  They were delicious.  I thought the idea was so creative and a way to add some personality to the wedding.  The cocktail was a Blue Bird Martini, and couldn’t fit the theme of a spring wedding more perfectly.  Here is the recipe to try at home:

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gender Reveal!

 Hello Friends!
I wanted to share this fun little party that we hosted this past weekend for our dear friends Heather and Tighe, who are expecting their first baby in August!  It was an honor to get to be part of such a special and personal day.  Heather (the mommy) was not too keen on the idea of having to wait 2 days after her ultrasound to find out the gender of their baby, but when she mentioned the party to Tighe (the dad)~he loved it and so it was on!  The weather couldn't have been better and the outcome was AMAZING... 
A special shout out to The Sweetery for keeping the secret from us ALL!  The cake was delicious. 
 Hope you enjoy the details. 
Happy Planning~

Pinwheel themed sweets bar!

Some Old Wives Tales & Such... Also some really cute party guests.

The Parents-to-Be cutting the cake!

Somebody is obviously HAPPY with the outcome!  
PS:  Look at my cute husband in the background~he's happy too!