Saturday, December 28, 2013

Holiday Crafting!

Happy Holidays!
We hope your holiday season has been AWESOME!  Before the New Year approaches, we wanted to take a look back on some fun holiday crafts that we were able to do with our friends over at The Bride Link!

First up is a cute paper poinsettia that can actually be used all through the winter months and in a variety of colors...
 It would be especially pretty in all white for a wedding to enhance your bouquet, table settings or wreaths!

If you would like to download the template, and try this at home, simply visit this LINK!
AND to view a step-by-step tutorial on making these little cuties, you can tune into
The Bride Links DIY YouTube channel and watch it here!

The next project we did was a no-sew scrap fabric banner, which was also featured on The Bride Link blog! This project is especially great, not only for the holidays, but also for weddings, birthdays and other festive get-togethers that might need a fun pop of color!

 A special thanks to JOPHOTO for the lovely images and LB Floral for the flowers.  To see more images of this sweet winter engagement shoot on The Bride Link blog, you can visit this LINK!  

Here is also the SUPER SIMPLE step-by-step video for this one:

We hope you enjoy these 2 very fun and very easy projects and remember that you can use them 
ALL YEAR ROUND!  Happy New Year for all of us at Ruffles & Rouge!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Wreath Making~Backyard Style

Hello Friends~
It's been awhile, I KNOW RIGHT?  This summer has been a whirl wind for us and now it has made it's way into Fall.  Here at the Jestice house we are looking forward to all that this season has to offer, with lots of fun activities on the horizon!  We are hosting a fun tailgate, attending Halloween parties, carving pumpkins and we've already been to Disney on Ice... I guess you can say my next post will be a personal one~HOORAY!

 But in the meantime, I wanted to share with you a very easy DIY wreath that is a different take on traditional Fall decor.  This wreath is for my best friend Nash who lives in Pulaski, TN.  She and her youngins are on their way to visit K-town TODAY!  It is our tradition to give each other handmade gifts from our homes.  So, this one is from my backyard to yours Nashy Girl.  I hope you all enjoy!
Happy Decorating~

OK~if you live in the South (which I hope for your sake, you do), then you have a hydrangea bush or you know someone who does.  So, first things first... let your hydrangeas stay on the vine long enough to start changing colors.  You will get some really pretty greens, browns and touches of red... then clip, clip, clip.

Next, gather up your supplies.  You will need a grapevine wreath (size depends on the amount of stems you have), a glue gun with lots of glue sticks, scissors, thick ribbon of your choice, and wire.

You will start by trimming back your blooms until there is only a small stem exposed.  Load your stem up with glue and start inserting the blooms firmly into your wreath, being careful not to crush the flowers
TIP:  Try to use an assortment of colors throughout the wreath so that one color is not concentrated in clumps.  Keep adding more and more blooms until your wreath is almost completely covered.  But, be sure to leave an opening at the top for your ribbon to be inserted.

Next, tie a nice large bow and snip a piece of wire.  Insert the wire through your ribbon and then weave the wire through the grapevine wreath and secure it tightly.  Hide the excess wire in the wreath or simply snip it.

Last, fluff your bow, examine your wreath and fill in any holes~ then hang!  It's that simple.  This makes a gorgeous addition to your front door or to an interior door for the Fall season.  Happy Fall Y'all!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Beginnings!

Hello Friends!

I know its been awhile, but I have been making some major changes over here at Ruffles n Rouge!  Fun and exciting changes that is...  As most of you know, I have an undying love for weddings, but since Miss Chandler came onto the scene, my time is more precious and my priorities have taken a MAJOR shift.  With that being said, I am still doing the beauty side of weddings, but design and planning have changed.  I will no longer be planning weddings... NOT TO SAY that I will never do it again (and I do have a 2014 client;), but for now the hours are just too long to be away from my little family.  So, what will I do if I can't design and plan weddings???  Well two things really, but I am only sharing one of them today:) 
 I have decided to try my luck in the handmade department.  This allows me to work from home/office when Chandler is in MDO and it helps me to get that urge to create out!  So... I am excited to let you know that I have opened an ETSY shop!  It only has a few items right now, but my inventory is ever-growing and I hope you will check it out if you get a chance.  I will have 3 categories:  Weddings, Children and Holiday... My custom painted furniture will come later.
If you see anything you like, I WILL be taking custom orders.  You can always PM me and I can work on making you something that is unique and special just for you!  Thanks so much for following along with me and we will see where this new venture takes us...  And I promise to update often.

Happy Shopping~

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Guest Post: Michelle Pino~Signature Drinks!

Hello Ruffles & Rouge Friends!
I received a sweet email from a gal who loves event planning, entertaining, and all the fun things that go along with it!  Her name is Michelle Pino and she is looking to start a blog of her own.  So in good practice, here is a guest blog post from her~and she was even nice enough to share a yummy "Signature Drink Recipe".  Thanks Michelle!
Hope you all enjoy.
Happy Planning!

Signature Cocktails Add A Splash Of Festivity

Creativity and personal expression are two of the best benefits of featuring signature cocktails at weddings or special events. Every bride and groom can feel free to express their unique one-of-a-kind personality by thoughtfully choosing a special signature drink that perfectly characterizes them. Fun and flirty, frivolous and free-thinking or serious and studious are all personalities that can be expressed through the creation of special, festive signature drinks.

Brides and grooms do not have to be limited to one signature drink either. There can be two drinks featured, one specially created for each of them. One big benefit of serving a signature drink, with or without choices of beer and wine, is the savings seen by purchasing larger quantities of alcohol. It offers a great option in lieu of having an open bar, which is more expensive. It's always most thoughtful to include a variety of soft drinks for non-drinkers, children and others who simply prefer non-alcoholic choices.

Color themes of the wedding itself can be a basis for drink choices, both alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic ones. A delightful raspberry or other flavored iced tea is wonderfully refreshing and can be made in a variety of special, custom crafted flavors. The theme of the alcoholic drinks can be carried over to the "mock-tails" as well by using decorative elements like tiny umbrella's, creatively designed fruit garnishes and colored sugars on the rims of glasses.

I attended a gorgeous wedding at the Turning Stone Resort Central New York wedding venue.  Where they served a signature drink chosen by the bride.  They were delicious.  I thought the idea was so creative and a way to add some personality to the wedding.  The cocktail was a Blue Bird Martini, and couldn’t fit the theme of a spring wedding more perfectly.  Here is the recipe to try at home:

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gender Reveal!

 Hello Friends!
I wanted to share this fun little party that we hosted this past weekend for our dear friends Heather and Tighe, who are expecting their first baby in August!  It was an honor to get to be part of such a special and personal day.  Heather (the mommy) was not too keen on the idea of having to wait 2 days after her ultrasound to find out the gender of their baby, but when she mentioned the party to Tighe (the dad)~he loved it and so it was on!  The weather couldn't have been better and the outcome was AMAZING... 
A special shout out to The Sweetery for keeping the secret from us ALL!  The cake was delicious. 
 Hope you enjoy the details. 
Happy Planning~

Pinwheel themed sweets bar!

Some Old Wives Tales & Such... Also some really cute party guests.

The Parents-to-Be cutting the cake!

Somebody is obviously HAPPY with the outcome!  
PS:  Look at my cute husband in the background~he's happy too!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fresh Looks for 2013

Hello Y'all!
As promised, here are a few new and exciting things going on over here at Ruffles & Rouge Events! First up, we had the Pink Bridal Show on the 13th of January. It was a blast! We met a lot of super awesome brides and talked 2013 weddings and trends. It was also a time when we introduced our new logo to the world! Thanks to my friend Erin Haines of Be True Designs for perfectly capturing our new vision. Here's a sneak peak of my new business card.  I love the combo of the new logo and botanical print~which are both one-of-a-kind creations for R&R.  We are transitioning all media in the coming month.  Exciting!!!

I also wanted to include a few pictures from the Pink Bridal Show.  This was an inspiration area that I was asked to create to show brides some new and interesting looks for the coming year.  This display mixes a little bit of rustic with a whole lot of glam.  It was such a fun collaboration with some truly talented vendors.  A special thanks to Lisa Huber of Be Still My Heart for the lovely photos!

A special heart felt thank you to all of the participants:
Melissa Timm Designs~Flowers
A Perfect Ending Cakes~Wedding Cake
Luxe Catering & Events~Sweet Treats
All Occasions Party Rentals
Be True Designs

I loved working with each and every one of you!
Happy Planning~

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New Look, New Attitude

Hello Friends!
Happy New Year!  2012 was good to the Jestice household, but I'm happy to see a clean slate ahead.  I've learned so many things this year from balancing work and play to the most important balancing act, motherhood.  We have so many wonderful things on the horizon, starting this January, which makes me particularly happy during such a dreary month.  First up a big bridal show on the 13th where Ruffles & Rouge Events will reveal its new logo and branding.  Second~the national publication of a fun inspiration shoot on the 25th (details to come).  And third~a Minnie Mouse 1st birthday party for sweet Chandler.  I promise to post many, many details as they unfold.
With all these things in the very near future, my resolution for 2013 is to BE PRESENT.  Enjoy what I am doing and what I've been blessed with and soak in these moments as the happen.  Thanks for following us through the years.  We have some NEW fun events and creative additions coming this spring~so until then we shall continue to plug along.  And you do the same:)
Happy Planning~
P.S.....  A little New Year's humor.