Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Flea Market Decor Magazine Feature!

Hello Friends!
We have had a very busy January and February with the planning of Chandler's 2nd birthday party and a trip to DISNEY WORLD!  So, to say Corey and I need a vacation from our vacation is an understatement.  But, hopefully all that back story may explain my delay in sharing this very exciting post with you guys.  

I received a call back in early Fall last year from a lady named Kathleen Birmingham from Flea Market Decor Magazine.  She is a free-lance writer who was interested in some of the weddings and inspirations shoots that I have designed over the past couple of years.  The events focused on my love for incorporating my "junk" into these affairs, as well as helping brides carry on traditions and incorporating family history into their big day!

So, with this interview came the article pictured here in the current March/April 2014 issue of Flea Market Decor.  And may I say~it is opportunities like this, that make me delight in the fact that I have the pleasure of working with the ever-so-talented Julie Roberts!  So a HUGE THANK YOU JULIE for including me in this little gem that I will always cherish!
Happy Designing~