Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Scream, You Scream...

Howdy Folks-
Since the weather has finally taken a warm turn, it has gotten me thinking about ideas for hot summer weddings. I got married in the heat of the Tennessee summer on July 30th and I wish I had thought of some additional refreshing treats for my guests besides the bar;) I know it’s only May, but if you live in the South, it will get scorching before you know it. And what does everyone want to eat when it’s blazing outside…ICE CREAM! Everyone loves ice cream right??? Simple money-saving flavor suggestions could include classic vanilla and chocolate and then choose a signature flavor that coordinates with your wedding decor colors. Similar to a candy bar, provide tons of toppings like sprinkles (of course), gummy bears, marshmallows, assorted nuts…geez I’m getting hungry. If ice cream isn’t your thing, specialty popsicles can also be a nice touch. Fresh fruit pops, push up pops, (you get the picture), can provide some much-needed cooling off, especially if your reception is outside. Just coordinate the details with your caterer ahead of time so they can come equipped with an industrial sized freezer and your dreams of an indulgent wedding treat becomes reality.

Happy Planning- Shanna

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