Sunday, May 16, 2010

Best Waterproof Mascara

Hey Everybody-
In doing a lot of makeup for weddings, I often get the request for waterproof mascara. This has made me cringe for so long because waterproof mascara has, well…a reputation. And with that being said, there are so many mascaras out there that can do fabulous things for even the shortest most sparse lashes and waterproof mascaras were not part of that fabulous crowd! So, in my pursuit of finding a good waterproof mascara, I decided to give the classic a try-yes I’m talking about Maybelline Great Lash. You know one of those pink tubes of mascara that has been around since the beginning of time??? But I was pleasantly surprised! Majorly suprised, at how easy it was to work with. How buildable the coverage was. Yes I said buildable. I know that when applying most waterproof mascaras, you get one shot to get it right before it hardens (it doesn’t dry-it really hardens), but not Maybelline Great Lash. It actually allows you to go back for a second coat and it doesn’t start flaking. Here is a link that I ran across today for some more suggestions on waterproof mascara-it is from Good Housekeeping where they research EVERYTHING! Click HereBut don’t worry, if you’re still stuck on your old mascara after looking over the reviews, there is still another option for you. Some cosmetic companies make a “rain coat”, which can make any mascara waterproof. Just remember if you use these waterproofing products don’t forget to coat EVERY LASH!
Happy Planning- Shanna

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