Monday, May 10, 2010

Bridal Accessories: Dress Up Your Dress

Howdy Yall-

With all the talk of the economy still in a downward spiral, blah blah blah…Right? But, unfortunately it is our reality right now, so we have to improvise to make our weddings what we want them to be, without actually breaking the bank. A great way to save cash and still show your unique sense of style is through your bridal gown and your bridal accessories. A smart tip for choosing a wedding dress on a budget is at a sample sale. Call your local bridal salons and ask about trunk shows in your area. Sometimes you can really luck out and find a designer that you already like, either in your town or a couple of hours down the road. Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile for your dress, especially if it will save you money! Now, step two…if you are lucky enough to find an affordable dress within your price range, sometimes you have to sacrifice a few details that you really wanted, right??? WRONG! There are options ladies. In Knoxville particularly there is a great little shop called The White Orchid that specializes in custom wedding gowns and accessories. You can add that “little something” to your dress by allowing an expert at a custom shop like The White Orchid, design unique embellishments for your dress. You can even jazz up your look by choosing one-of-a-kind accessories from their showroom. Visiting vintage jewelry stores and shopping on e-bay for fun accessories can also prove to be very successful in your money-saving pursuit. Hot trends to look for right now are bird-cage head pieces, vintage jeweled brooches and fabric flowers, which can take an ordinary gown and transform it into something extraordinary. The sky’s the limit when you let your imagination take control. Remember money may control your budget, but not your creativity!

Happy Planning- Shanna

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