Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Fun With The Bun-Bun

Hello Peeps!
So...the question I have been pondering is, What do you put in a newborn baby's Easter basket?  Well, I never really came up with a bunch of clever ideas other than some fluffy toys and Daddy's favorite candy.  But, I did decide that no matter what, it needed to be cute.  AND, because this is my first Easter with the little bunny, I wanted to do something handmade.  Here are a few ideas and links to free printables if you are still looking for any last minute Easter ideas for your little bay-bay...
Good Friday to You,
Chandler's Easter basket made from a fruit basket, shredded paper for grass and lots of twine and free printables!

A package of dollar eggs from Target with twine tied through & some wind up peeps so baby can watch them bounce around!

If you've ever had a colicky baby, you will find the humor in this...

Here is the link for a really cute name tag printable that I wasn't able to download, but maybe you can give it a try... 

And to close out, a picture of my Easter Bunny!

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