Monday, January 31, 2011

Succulent Weddings

Hello Everyone~
I have wanted to do this blog post for awhile...but the holidays came, then the New Year, and then a bridal show, etc-etc. It is finally here...SUCCULENTS!!! I love these little guys, especially because my husband's Grandma loves them too. She gives them away as gifts and what wonderful gifts they make!

I have found while searching for wedding design inspirations that include succulents, they are usually associated with Eco-friendly and/or vintage themed weddings. But, as I dug a little deeper, I found that you can also glam up these awesomely luscious plants by pairing them with elegant feathers, sleek cake designs, classic wine glasses and stylish silver vases. Check out this inspiration board that I put together that showcases the versatility of these plants. Don't forget-succulents are usually grown inside, so they are pretty accessible year round! When planning your next event, I hope you can include some of these beauties into your celebration.

Happy Planning~

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