Monday, March 29, 2010

Reception Photo Booths

Hello People!

I wanted to share a couple of ideas in today’s entry. First of all, I subscribe to an on-line newsletter called Daily Candy. Usually, these types of e-letters don’t offer very much, however I have been pleasantly surprised by Daily Candy time and again. Today when I was brainstorming some ideas that I would like to share about Photo Booths, I received an email from Daily Candy that added to my inspiration. So for those of you looking for neat tips for weekend travel, the latest in cool gadgets, etc… Daily Candy is a cool e-letter to receive. And how could I forget to mention…Daily Candy Weddings!
Ok, enough about that and on to my photo booth schpeel… Having a photo booth at your reception is one of the most fun items that you can incorporate into your celebration. Most photographers bring baskets full of props and offer unlimited photos for your guests. This is a great way to get everyone up and out of their seats and actually “participating” in the festivities. You can request that your photo booth photographer print 2 sets of each photo collage, one for your scrapbook and one for your guests to take home as a super cool favor. Also, don’t forget to add your own props like “Smitten Sticks“, suggested by Daily Candy, to add your own touch to your photo booth pics!

Happy Planning- Shanna

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